Gnipmac, the story ...

Gnipmac was created by camping enthusiasts. Despite all their experience, during the summer of 2022, on the road on holiday, and despite the information available on the web, they faced many difficulties in finding the campsite that best met their search criteria, in the region they were visiting.

Having the necessary skills and expertise, they decided to propose a new tool, Gnipmac, which would have perfectly met their expectations and needs.

Objectives of Gnipmac

Gnipmac presents campers with a selection of campsites based on factual criteria that they have entered into the database, from as wide a range of campsites as possible.

To achieve this, campsite managers are regularly invited to complete their information on Gnipmac. The more complete the profile, the greater the chance that the campsite will appear in the selection made by the camper.

How to use Gnipmac

1. Find the campsite that meets your criteria

You're looking for the ideal campsite to spend your holiday, a break in France or Belgium?

Find it easily among more than 6,000 campsites near 140,000 listed tourist points of interest.

How to do it?

  • Encode your criteria in the search bar above
  • Click on the magnifying glass

Gnipmac will show you the selection corresponding to this search. You can refine this search at any time.

You will discover the full descriptions of the selected campsites and their location. They will be ranked according to how well they match your criteria.

2. Book your campsite

Once you've made your choice, Gnipmac will give you the contact details and links you need to make your booking directly.

3. Have a memorable and trouble-free stay

Once you're there, you'll continue to use Gnipmac to make your stay easier: book activities, find out about nearby tourist attractions, etc.

4. Validate the campsite's information

Gnipmac aims to listen to campers, so when you leave, we will ask you, with no obligation to respond, to validate the relevance of the information provided by the campsite to your search criteria. This validation by the users themselves is intended as a guarantee of quality for your next stays.