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6,000 campsites and 140,000 tourist sites referenced!

Gnipmac is a platform that, right from its launch references more than 6,000 campsites and more than 140,000 tourist points of interest, in France alone! How did this project come about?

Caroline and Laurent launched Gnipmac to meet their needs as campers and their passion for camping.

Gnipmac, a platform born out of frustration

Despite all their experience, during the summer of 2022, on the road on holiday, despite the information available on the web, they faced numerous difficulties in finding the campsite that best met their search criteria in the region they were visiting.

It was during these searches, tinged with frustration, that the idea was born to develop the platform that would enable campers to easily find the campsite that best met their expectations: Gnipmac

Laurent, a computer scientist with several applications and platforms under his belt, took charge of the development and Caroline, a shopkeeper with a passion for social and human contact, took charge of other aspects of the project.

As wide an offer as possible, factual criteria provided by the campsites

The aim of Gnipmac is to present campers, from summer 2023, with a selection of campsites based on factual criteria that they will have entered into the database, from an offer of 6,000 campsites, close to 140,000 tourist points of interest.